Describe Cookies

When you visit a website or app, little text files called cookies are transferred to your computer or mobile device. We could also employ other tracking technologies than cookies, such web beacons, tags or pixels (small graphic images placed on a website that show when the page has been viewed), or software development kits (SDKs - tracking technology stored in an app). Cookies and other tracking technologies are referred to as "cookies" throughout this paragraph.



Websites may detect users' devices and save data about the content visitors view and engage with thanks to cookies, giving them a more individualized experience (e.g., remembering preferences and settings).


Cookies can be categorized into several groups:

Depending on who operates them:

Upenta places first-party cookies on our websites and applications;


External service providers, such as advertising partners, security providers, and social media partners, operate third-party cookies on our websites or applications.


Depending on how long they are:

Cookies that are immediately removed when you exit your browser are known as session cookies.


Cookies that are automatically destroyed after a certain amount of time—which varies based on the cookie—are referred to as persistent cookies. You may remove cookies at any moment from your browser's security settings.