How Upenta protects Hosts


Learn about Upenta’s built-in protections.

Whether you’re a new Host or just exploring the idea of hosting, you might have questions about protecting your space and belongings when travelers stay in your home. Damage and safety incidents are extremely rare, but Upenta has many protections in place for both Hosts and guests.



Profiles and reviews

Upenta helps you get to know guests. If you use Instant Book, you can customize your settings to add additional guest requirements beyond our booking requirements for all guests. And if you prefer manual booking requests, you can check out guests’ profiles and read reviews from past Hosts before accepting a reservation.

Since Hosts and guests can only review each other after a reservation is complete, you can be confident that the feedback you’re reading is based on actual experiences. You can also use Upenta’s secure messaging tool to ask questions and set expectations at any point before a guest’s stay.



UpentaCover for Hosts

UpentaCover for Hosts is top-to-bottom protection for every Host on Upenta . This provides pre-trip safeguards to help ensure booking guests are who they say they are with guest identity verification, and helps reduce the chance of disruptive parties and property damage with reservation screening technology.

UpentaCover for Hosts includes $1 million USD in Host liability insurance and $3 million USD in Host damage protection, with coverage for art, valuables, parked cars, boats, and other vehicles, and more.



Ground rules

Ground rules for guests are a set of enforceable standards that all guests must follow. Ground rules require guests to treat your space with respect, follow your house rules, communicate promptly if issues arise, and leave your home in a state that doesn’t require excessive cleaning. Every guest who books will agree to these rules before making a reservation.