Terms of service for customers.




You may encounter certain words that have particular meanings; hence it is recommended that you refer to the “Upenta.com dictionary” located at the end of these Terms.



About these conditions:


When you make a Booking, you agree to these Terms and any other terms provided during the booking process.



If any part of these Terms is not valid or cannot be enforced:


If any part of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the Terms will still be valid and you'll still have to follow them.



This is how these Terms are organized:

These are the general terms that apply to all types of Travel Experiences.



Our guiding principles


When you use our platform, you agree to follow our values and comply with all relevant laws. We may conduct anti-fraud and anti-money laundering checks, and we expect you to cooperate with them. Please don't use the platform to make fake bookings or cause any disruptions. Use the platform and travel experiences for their intended purposes only. Lastly, please be respectful to service providers and others, and don't engage in any inappropriate behavior.



Costs and Fees


When you book a travel experience, you agree to pay the total cost including any applicable charges and taxes. Please note that some prices may be rounded to the nearest whole number, but you will be charged the original non-rounded price which will only have a tiny difference if any.



We may cancel your Booking or limit your access to our Platform if you violate these Terms or if we suspect fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activity. We may also take legal action against you, if necessary.




In some cases, the Service Provider may ask for payment before or during your Travel Experience.


If we arrange your payment, we (or our affiliate in the country where your payment originates from) will handle your payment and ensure that your transaction with our Service Provider is completed. Your payment will be considered as the final settlement of the price that is due and payable.


The payment for the Travel Experience may be charged by the Service Provider at the beginning of your trip or at the time of booking, or you may be required to pay when you check out from your Accommodation, depending on the Upfront Payment policy of the Service Provider that was communicated to you during the booking process.



When you make a payment for a booking on our platform, we will handle the payment and ensure the transaction with the service provider is completed. If an upfront payment is required by the service provider, it may be taken at the time of booking and may be non-refundable. We are not responsible for the service provider's upfront payment policy. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, contact your payment provider. If the service provider's currency is different from the platform's currency, we may offer you the option to pay in your own currency with a conversion fee. We will store your payment method details with your consent for future transactions.





This statement explains the rules you agree to when booking through the platform. You can find these rules on the platform and they include cancellation fees, age requirements, and security deposits. If you cancel or don't show up, you'll need to follow the service provider's policies. Some bookings can't be cancelled for free, while others have specific deadlines for cancellations.




This statement outlines your responsibilities when booking a travel experience through the platform. You need to make sure you pay on time, or the service provider may cancel your booking. If you'll be late, let the service provider know to avoid cancellation. You're responsible for everyone's behavior in your group and getting their permission to share their personal data.




Privacy and cookies




This statement provides information on how personal data is processed when booking different types of travel through the platform. When booking accommodation, flights, or attractions, users should refer to the Privacy and Cookies Statement for information on privacy, cookies, and how the platform might contact them. When booking ground transport, users should refer to the appropriate privacy statement to understand how their personal data will be processed.